Housed in a 19th Century New England fire house in the heritage garment manufacturing city of New Bedford, Massachusetts, Upmarket Stitchers is truly unique. It is the only facility in America crafting made-to-measure luxury outerwear one piece at a time. Each garment is custom tailored to a client’s specific measurements using a combination of old world craftsmanship and state of the art technology. The result is a personalized product with outstanding fit, style and functionality that is truly one-of-a-kind.


UMS founder Jeff Rose is a third generation New England manufacturer with a lifelong passion for creating the finest menswear available. He has assembled a talented team of specialist designers, cutters and tailors who craft each piece to become a foundational element of each client’s wardrobe. UMS is the opposite of so-called fast fashion, rather its philosophy is to create individual garments of excellent quality, value and style whose owners will enjoy for years and years to come.


This is authentic New England outerwear, with heritage and history sewn directly into each piece, made with the utmost pride and reverence for the illustrious traditions that have inspired us all. This is also a true American story, and like all great American stories, there is always more to come.